Baon on a Budget

The back to school season is in full swing! Assuming that you’ve done all the necessary preparations (and if you haven’t yet, check this out!), it’s time to think about one last thing – your kids’ baon!

Planning for baon, as simple as it may sound, can sometimes be frustrating. So today, we’re sharing two very simple and quick ideas that aren’t just yummy, but easy on the pocket too!


Ham and Cheese Spirals

This bite-sized delights will surely be your child’s new fave!

You’ll need:
sliced bread (use whole-wheat for a healthier option)
beaten egg
bread crumbs

For the dip:

Let’s cook!

1. Using a knife, remove the crust of the sliced bread. Flatten the bread using a rolling pin. You can use the side of a glass if you don’t have a rolling pin.

2. Layer sliced ham and cheese on top of the bread. Roll and secure tightly with toothpicks.

3. Slice the roll into bite-size pieces.

4. Coat with beaten egg, then with bread crumbs.

5. Heat oil in the Masflex Deep Fryer Set. Deep fry the rolls until golden brown. Serve with ketchup-mayo dip

Apple-Pear Juice

With the right equipment, you only literally need two ingredients to concoct this refreshing drink!

You’ll need:

Let’s mix!

1. Slice the apples and pears into smaller pieces.

2. Process the fruits using the Kyowa Juice Extractor.

3. Transfer to a tumbler and chill until the next morning.

How easy peasy were those! Keep tabs on our blog for more baon ideas!



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