What to bring when you want to try Backpacking!

Ever felt curious about what’s out there and have this sense of wanderlust to explore beyond your daily reality. With the advent of the internet and social media, the world has become smaller and more accessible. We’re exposed to various settings and cultures that are distinct from our own and this makes us curious and want to experience first hand what it would be like to be in those places. While going on a vacation is not new, we’ve seen a lot more people become more adventurous when it comes to travel. Where instead of fancy accommodations and tour packages, we crave for an authentic cultural experience where we can mingle with the locals and go through off-the-beat paths. With this, backpacking has become quite popular especially among the youth. Aside from it being economical, it gives you a taste of raw local experiences that you wouldn’t get from those packaged itineraries.

If you’ve never been on a backpacking adventure, fret not, as we have a list of the essentials to bring with you so you come prepared! It’s something to try at least once in your lifetime and it’s always best to be prepared, after all, you are exploring places you’ve never been before. So make sure to bring these with you plus an open mind for a trip of a lifetime!

1. Euroo Maverick Backpack 15.6″


First things first, you need a backpack! Something to look for is a backpack that has various compartments like this one so you can easily get items that you need to be more accessible and bring other important items that you might need like a laptop or tablet as well.

2. Wanderskye Backpack Cover Medium


Aside from a backpack, you will need a cover for it as well! It’s best to expect the unexpected and you wouldn’t want all your belongings soaked when a sudden downpour occurs while you’re backpacking.

3. Wanderskye Premium Bag Tag

P805.50 (10% off until May 6!)

Some people tend to overlook this but it can actually help you get back your bag if ever it gets lost. Again, it’s best to be prepared because you never know what might happen especially in places that you’re not really familiar with. Aside from that, this will also make it easier for you to spot your stuff and avoid getting someone else’s.

4. Wanderskye TSA-S Lock

P445.50 (10% off until May 6 only!)

Wherever you go, there will always be pick-potters and people preying on their unsuspecting next victim. Usually, it’s the tourists or travelers who are targeted because of their unfamiliarity but this shouldn’t deter you from exploring. Just be a smart travelers and ensure to lock up and secure your belongings so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about losing your stuff.

5. Tasmania Hydrosafe 10L Orange Dry Bag


Backpacking takes you to many different places and often times, it gets you reunited with mother nature and her vast expanse. Along the way you’ll find yourself trekking or catching a boat to the sea. With this you need a dry bag to always keep your essentials secure.

6. Tasmania PE Collapsible Water Container 10L


When backpacking, water is your greatest resource. With all the exploring that you’ll do, you should always keep yourself hydrated and having a handy container that you can easily collapse and store is not only convenient but will save you space in your backpack.

7. Wanderskye Sushi Adaptor

P895.50 (10% OFF until May 6 only!)

If you’re planning to backpack in another country, having a travel adaptor with you is a must. Your mobile devices are a great resource of information while traveling and it will be pointless bringing them if you can’t charge them because of outlet restrictions.

8. Emergency Survival Bag


Whether you’re insured or not, having an emergency survival bag or kit is crucial. Nothing is worse than having an accident or getting sick in a foreign place especially if you’re backpacking by yourself. Aside from no being familiar with their medical protocol, it will definitely cost you a huge sum to go to the hospital should this happen.

9. Tasmania Sleeping Bag


When it comes to backpacking, having an open itinerary is common and this can open up to great possibilities and experiences that you wouldn’t have experienced if you had a fixed schedule like impromptu hiking and camping trips! Don’t miss out on these opportunities by bringing a sleeping bag with you when you travel.

10. Firefly 27 LED HandyLamp with Torch Light and USB Mobile Phone Charger


Here’s is another essential to bring with you to those impromptu hiking and camping trips! Enjoy the great outdoors and be able navigate at night with a handy lamp with torch light. Plus points if it has a USB mobile phone charger like this one so you can keep your devices powered at all times.

There you have it! You’ll feel more bold to be more adventurous as long as you’re equipped with the tools to avoid mishaps from happening. We all learn from experience but it’s always best to be prepared so you can make the most of your backpacking trip. Happy travels!

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