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Our physical health is just as important as any other aspect in our lives. But with all the hustle and bustle of our busy everyday lives, finding time to workout could be a challenge. The great thing about owning fitness equipment at home means you can avoid the time wasted in traffic and exercise at your own convenience! Challenge yourself this Wednesday and upgrade your work-out routine with the WEDO Power Core!

The WEDO Power Core is portable and easy to store! It can not only help you get rid of belly fat, but it can also help you correct your posture and banish aches pains! The WEDO Power Core may look intimidating but it is actually very easy to use! Check out these simple workout routines you can do with your WEDO Power Core to challenge yourself today!

Simple Back Stretch

Relieve your muscle pains with a simple back stretch! Simply sit down on the WEDO Power Core Seat, bend your knees, align your back with the back rollers and hold on to the handle bars beside you. Once you are in place, you can use your legs to push yourself all the way back until you are reclined on your WEDO Power Core. This routine is a good way to stretch your back before you begin your workout.

Flutter Kicks

Once you have settled yourself on the WEDO Power Core and your back and neck is completely supported, push yourself into a reclined position once more, lift your legs up in the air and criss-cross your legs over one another, switching turns over each leg on top. This exercise helps to strengthen your core and get rid of belly fat. 

Bicycle Kicks

Another great core exercises is Bicycle Kicks! Again, fit yourself comfortable on your WEDO Power Core, and recline all the way back. Lift your legs up in the air and bend your knees slightly. Begin pretending like you are pedaling on a bike, giving each leg equal turn at the exercise.

These are just some of the many stretches and workout routines you can do with your WEDO Power Core! With this must-have fitness equipment, you can now challenge yourself and achieve your body goals in the comfort of your own home!


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