Chillax Fri-yay!

T.G.I.F! Finally, it’s Friday and that means we get to pause and take some time off after today’s work. It must have been a long week at school, office, or even at home, but don’t fret! Shake the stress away by following these tips for a laid-back Friday night and a restful weekend!

Entertain yourself

Missing out on your favorite series? Haven’t opened a book or a magazine in a while? Then now is the perfect time to sit back and have some nice entertainment! Whatever you do, do it while lounging on the WEDO Zero Gravity Reclining Chair for the ultimate comfort!

Enjoy a nice massage

After all your hard work this week, you deserve a little pampering. One of the ways to do so is by having a massage – without stepping out of your home!

To loosen knots and soothe tensed muscles, massage them with the WEDO Handy Massager and feel all the aches and pains get relieved away. Rough ankles from all the standing and walking? No problem because this handy massager also comes with a micro-peeling sticker!

Get a good quality sleep

With the everyday hustle and bustle, we often tend to neglect the quantity and – more importantly – the quality of our sleep.

To ensure that you get deep, uninterrupted sleep (not just every weekend) you need to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. To lower down the temperature, place the VO.TEMM Dual Circulator by your windows (gotta make use of the cool, rainy breeze!) and let it circulate the air inside your room. Then, line your bed with the VO.TEMM Cooling Bedding Set for an even cooler sensation! Good night’s sleep guaranteed!


Now, you’re ready to face another week! Bring it on, Monday!


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