Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everywhere you look, you see holiday cheer! Everyone is just a little bit more happy, giving and excited for Christmas and New Year! Families gather, friends meet and people fall in love during this magical holiday!

There is also the stress of finding the perfect gift for all your family members before all the good items get sold-out! So starting your Christmas shopping early is vital, and we want to help make it easier for you with our O-some Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family! 

Getting our supermoms the perfect gift can be intimidating. After all, this is the woman that carried us for 9 month in her womb and raised us! The Christian Mode (Hers) Two-Tone Watch is the perfect gift to give mom this holiday season! It’s classy, glamorous and she can wear to all her holiday parties!

The ilo Cherry Pot Set is also another perfect gift for the moms who love to cook and entertain guests! Its bright red color brings the holiday season into her kitchen too!

Dad is always selfless and never seems to want anything. So shopping for the perfect gift for him can sometimes be very difficult. Why not get our hard working dads a stress relieving and relaxing gift like the WEDO Zero Gravity Reclining Chair! Dad is sure going to love coming home after a long and hard day at work to recline and relax in this chair and spend some quality time with you!

For the dads who love to invite family and friends over and grill good food, the ilo Samgyupsal Grill is the perfect gift! Dad can have as many friends and family over and serve them this trendy and tasty Korean Dish!

Older siblings can be hard to shop for, they have different tastes and like different things than you do, so getting them the perfect gift can be a challenge. Why not give your ate the gift of ultimate comfort with the Simply Fidelia 8pc Bra Set. Ate can go the whole day with full support and no hooks, wires and no painful narrow straps!

Big sisters also love skin care! Get ate the Tony Moly Mocchi Skincare Set and she’ll thank you later! 

It is the dream of every young man to get that perfectly sculpted abs and body. But finding time to go to the gym and avoiding getting stuck in traffic is hard. Why not get kuya the WEDO Power Core so that he can achieve his fitness goals at the comfort of his own home!

Lola and Lolo are our favorite family members! They are always so sweet and loving, so getting them a gift they will surely love is vital! We suggest getting lolo the WEDO Foot Massager to help him sooth his tired and aching feet anywhere and anytime! 

All grandmothers love to cook food and overfeed their family, that’s why we always love visiting lola’s house! Why not upgrade her cookware with the ilo Professional Wok Set! This cookware is big enough that lola will be able to cook food for the whole family without taking out too many pots and pans!








Christian Mode (Hers) Two-Tone Watch | P2,995






ilo Cherry Pot Set | P3,995






WEDO Zero Gravity Reclining Chair | P1,995






ilo Samgyupsal Grill | P1,495






Simply Fidelia 8pc Bra Set | P1,595







Tony Moly Mocchi Skincare Set | P1,495






WEDO Power Core | P2,995






WEDO Foot Massager | P3,995






ilo Professional Wok Set | P2,995


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