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Shopping for cookware can be pretty exciting yet daunting at the same time. With today’s technology, we are spoiled for choice with a vast array of brands with the latest features that it can be difficult to narrow down the perfect cookware for our home. We wanted to give you a list of cookware that you can depend on for quality, durability, and at the same time, flexibility to use in various cooktops which can differ depending on what you have in your home.


Neoflam Stainless Cookware Set

When looking for cookware, we usually prefer high quality and durability that will last us a very long time. What’s great about the Neoflam Stainless Cookware set is that it’s made of 18/10 stainless steel- the highest grade possible for cookware, so you know that this set is a long term investment. It also has a heat-resistant tempered glass and 3-layer base that promotes faster and healthier cooking because you get to save more time and energy. On top of that, this cookware set is compatible on all cooktops, even the oven! So you can rely on this trusty set for all your cooking needs anytime, anywhere.


Happycall IH Vacuum Pot

Using a pressure cooker to tenderize meats can be quite intimidating. Good thing there’s the new Happycall IH Vacuum Pot! Instead of pressure, it uses the power of vacuum to effectively tenderize even large chunks of meat. It also has one-touch control valve and safety lock handles to ensure safety during and after cooking. Not to mention, it’s also coated with non-stick, high purity ceramic coating to make cooking and cleaning a lot easier



Masflex Galaxy Cookware Set

Cook out of this world dishes with Masflex Galaxy Cookware Set! Its 3-layer marble coating is non-stick, making for quicker and easier clean-ups. It’s made more durable yet lightweight with forged aluminum bond, which is also responsible for fast and even distribution of heat, so your food cooks in no time. What’s more, this entire set is complete with every cookware you need, so you really get more for less! All components are also induction- and oven-compatible for more flexibility in the kitchen!


Masflex 4-in-1 Induction Pan

Cook four meals at once? It’s possible with Masflex 4-in-1 Induction Pan! This pan has 4 compartments which lets you cook various dishes t the same time. Made of heavy-duty aluminum material that makes it durable and resistant to extreme temperatures. Its non-stick coating lets food slide away easily for faster cooking and cleaning. It comes with a free turner for hassle-free food prep!


Balzano Square Pan Set

From the brand that brought you Balzano Air Fryer comes a multi-function pan! The Balzano Square Pan Set lets you fry, grill, boil, steam, roast and bake! Its induction bottom makes it compatible with any cooktop you have at home, you can even use it inside the oven! Its non-stick coating lets you cook without the greasiness of oil and butter, which makes for healthier food and easier cleaning. Its specially-designed step edge keeps the steam inside the pan and prevents food from spilling over. It comes complete with tempered glass lid, 20cm steam tray, 20cm strainer, and recipe book!


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