Easy Self-Care Rituals

Take a close look at yourself on the mirror. Does your skin have a sallow tone? Are there blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples on your cheeks and T-zone? Are lines forming on your forehead and on the side of your mouth? How about your hair – is it dry and dull? Do you some frizz and split ends? If your answer to one of these questions is yes, then it’s about time to take your self-care routine more seriously – if you have one.

It might be because of your hectic schedules that it’s a struggle to maintain a proper self-care routine. And by “proper”, we mean doing it completely, regularly, and with the right products.

But don’t worry, following a beauty regimen doesn’t have to be complicated. Today, we’re running down must-have products and easy-to-follow tips so you can finally level up your self-care game. Get your pen and paper ready and let’s get checkin’.


To keep your skin healthy, of course you have to keep it clean. To remove impurities like oil and dirt, while keeping it plump and moisturized. Use soft, moisturizing cleansing pads such as Wonder Bath Salon de Tte to dislodge deep-seated dirt and makeup residue that block pores and lead to acne.

While it seems best to have a perfectly clean skin, remember to not overdo cleansing as it may strip your skin its natural moisture, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Squeaky clean should only be for your plates!


Toning is your last chance to really purify your skin, so it’s really important to do after cleansing. It also preps your skin for more skincare and beauty products that you’d put on your face.

Choose a toner that removes excess sebum and has moisturizing properties, like Skin by JRP Clarifying Toner.

For mature skin, a gel-type toner such as the Charmzone Collagen Boosting Skin Gel may help plump up the skin with intense moisture, thus reducing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.


We can’t stress this enough – the skin needs moisture to prevent premature aging and to maintain its softness, smoothness, and elasticity. So after clearing up your skin, bring back its moisture by using Skin by JRP Soothing Day Cream and Skin by JRP Rejuvenating Night Cream. This duo will keep your face hydrated all throughout the day.

For skin that turns a bit saggy or crepey, try Charmzone Hibutan Collagen Intense Cream all over the face and Charmzone Age Control Night Eye Cream around the eye area, to firm up skin and give it that healthy soft bounce.

When applying moisturizer, use your ring finger and gently work in the product in upward circular motions for effective absorption.

Face Mask

Want that extra glow and dewiness? Put on some face mask! Face masks contain concentrated formula that cares for and nourishes the skin with nutrients.

Since face masks come in different types and forms, it’s a must to know which suits your skin best. To solve all your skin problems, the SEP Jeju Mask Pack comes in four variants: moisturizing cactus fruit, nourishing canola honey, soothing green tea, and brightening tangerine.

Do you know that sheet masks could actually dry up your skin if you leave it for too long? Masks should stay on your skin for 20 minutes tops. Afterwards, peel it off and tap the remaining essence on your skin to promote further absorption.

Hair Treatment

And finally, don’t forget your crowning glory!

Styling, coloring, and even frequent washing may help your hair look good, but they actually damage your strands. Apart from using shampoo and conditioner daily, use a hair treatment like the Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10, to intensely repair hair damage. No salon expertise needed!



There you have it! Just have these items on your self-care arsenal and you’ll be in your most beautiful.



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