Essential Picks: Cleaning Buddies!

The past few weeks have taught us the importance of boosting our immune system, keeping our hands, ourselves and our homes clean. Here are some Essential Cleaning Buddies to help you keep your environment clean!

Keeping your home clean and free of germs is very important! But having so many different cleaning solutions can cause clutter and mess in your home. The VO.TEMM O2 PANG Multipurpose Cleaner takes care of cleaning everything from your kitchen pans, walls to your shoes! Made of all natural ingredients and bubble technology; you can even do your laundry and clean your bathroom with this innovative cleaning buddy!

If you’re looking for something in the form of a spray and that has a fresh Orange scent to disinfect and sterilize your surfaces at home, the VO.TEMM Silver Nano Multipurpose Cleaner is the perfect buddy for you! Spray some of this strong cleaning solution on to a cloth or sponge and wipe away dirt, germs and bacteria! Best part? You can use this on any surface!

Keeping ourselves, our hands and our skin clean and healthy is important as well! It is always best to use a wet wipe that is gentle to the skin when cleansing ourselves. Said to be less irritating than water, the Bebesup Zero Wet Tissue is the perfect solution to keeping your skin and your baby’s skin clean and safe! devoid of at least 15 harmful materials, this wet wipe is gentle and safe for your baby and even on your face!

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Bebesup Zero Wet Tissue | P995






VO.TEMM O2 PANG Multipurpose Cleaner | P1,295






VO.TEMM Silver Nano Multipurpose Cleaner | P995

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