Essential Picks to Keep You Healthy

Focusing on our health and immune system is very much important especially these days where we need to keep our body healthy to fight the virus — from keeping our surroundings clean, to working out, to eating healthy, to taking vitamins and so much more. But what vitamins or food supplements are just perfect to help you boost your immune system? Good thing MX3 Capsule Package is available at O Shopping!

Mangosteen is known as the queen of the fruits because it provides lots of nutrients that aren’t in other fruits such as alpha, beta, and gamma nutrients. The nutrients are found not just in the fruit itself but also on its pericarp and what MX3 does is it extracts the pericarp and goes to the MX3 Capsule. Then what are the other benefits that you could get from the MX3 Capsules?
1. Improves Blood Circulation
2. Powerful Antioxidant
3. Provides & Boost Energy
4. With L-Carnitine that helps to lose weight in a natural way
5. Reduces cholesterol level
Also with Vitamin C to help us really boost our immune system. Mag MX3 araw-araw para MX-traordinary!

While taking care of your immune system really is a must, we shouldn’t forget about taking care of our oral health. Simply brushing your teeth is not enough to keep your mouth clean & healthy – you also need a mouthwash because it helps to get to a lot more places in your mouth like gums, cheeks, and even your throat if you gargle and not just on your teeth. However, some mouthwash is just too strong that’s why we got you the Dr. Dental Care Liquid that is alcohol-free and infused with natural ingredients that can eliminate bad breath causing germs, prevents gum inflammation, and even decreases plaque on teeth’s surface. This is perfect not just for adults but for kids as well.


Showering daily (hot or cold) is also important to help increase the circulation in your body & strengthens the immune system. Regular baths using mild soaps followed by drying with a clean towel such as StarHome Premium Microfiber Towel Set that is made of ultra-fine fiber, high absorption, anti-bacterial, and super quick drying help wash away germs that prevent illness and other problems.

The StarHome Premium Microfiber Towel Set that you can get at O Shopping is composed of (5) Microfiber Bath Towel + FREE (3) Multipurpose Towel!



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StarHome Premium Microfiber Towel Set | ₱995

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