Feel Good Friday!

Friday is a day everyone looks forward too. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, everyone is looking to have some fun and unwind after a long week. Here are some ideas of what you can do for a feel good Friday!

Lay Back and Relax 

There is nothing better after a long and tiring week than to relax. Why not pull up your WEDO Zero Gravity Reclining Chair, turn on your Netflix, recline and relax. Rest your mind, and body in this adjustable, breathable and portable reclining chair! You can even bring this outside and recline under the stars!

Another way to have a relaxing Friday night is to relieve your body pains with a good massage, in the comfort of your own home! Grab your WEDO Multi Massager and relax by soothing your tired muscles! This handy, portable and easy to use massager can quickly make your Friday night more comfortable! Sling it over your shoulders, hang back and enjoy a soothing massage!

Dress Comfortably

To have a feel good and relaxing Friday, you have to dress comfortably too! Get comfortable in your high quality Fidelia 3pc Zip Up Bra and Panty Set with its no-hook and wide designed straps so they don’t bite into your shoulders. Not only are they comfortable, they are very trendy as well, you can even wear them the whole day! The Fidelia 3pc Zip Up Bra and Panty Set is perfect for a chill day at home, or even a night out partying! 

For an even better Friday, pull on your Huga Comfort Series Boxer Briefs Set! After a long day, chill with a glass of Hot Chocolate or watch a movie while you lounge in this innovative, durable and breathable boxer brief set! You’ll never feel like wearing another brief set again!

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WEDO Zero Gravity Reclining Chair | P1,995






Fidelia 3pc Zip Up Bra and Panty Set | P3,495






WEDO Multi Massager | P1,995






Huga Comfort Series Boxer Briefs Set | P599


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