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They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I could say that it goes the same with everyone. Everyone loves to eat especially nowadays  that’s why it is essential to learn how to cook. Not just to please others but also to satisfy our own cravings at home. Learning how to cook sounds fun especially when you have the equipment needed in making your cooking lives easy.

On the other hand, since it’s already the Yuletide Season, there are a lot of gatherings and reunions happening here and there. Of course, as Filipinos, food is always the star of the party. So gather all your cooking recipes and prepare meals that would build memories of spending time with your loved ones.

To make cooking easier, here are the top 5 kitchen must-haves from O Shopping that would make you want to cook with or without occasion.  

Ilo Multi Cooker Set

Ilo Multi Cooker lets you cook whatever you want without a hassle. What people loves about this is that it gives you more time to do other chores without worrying about the food you’re cooking. It really is multi cooker for it can fry, boil, grill, steam, stir-fry, deep fry, slow cook, fondue, bake, roast, cook rice, and hot pot. What else will you be needing? Plus, it has 5-liter inner pot capacity that allows you to prepare more!

Ilo Air Fryer

Ber months is indeed a busy month for us Filipinos and with our busy schedules plus the heavy traffic, it leaves us with a little time to prepare for a healthy food. Usually when we have a little time, we tend to just eat on fast food chains or eat instant. Good thing there’s Ilo Air Fryer that can cook healthy meals evenly. It has time and temperature controls that you can adjust on your preferred time and temperature giving you the best cooking results all the time.

Ilo Titanium Cookware Set

When there are gatherings at home, it means that you have to prepare different meals for your visitors and with Ilo Titanium Cookware Set, you don’t have to worry about running out of cookware to use. It is composed of wok, frying pan, grill pan, pot with glass lid, and an egg pan – complete and perfect for your kitchen. Made with durable titanium coating making it non-stick and designed to be stylish making your kitchen look classy.  

Ilo Smart Kettle

If you want to chill and have some tea, Ilo Smart Kettle is your perfect buddy. Plus, this isn’t your usual kettle because it is packed with great features that lets not only make your tea but also soup, noodles, congee, yoghurt, and more! It is kettle and pot in one – perfect for your kitchen. It comes with an induction plate that has easy to use preset functions giving you the modern and innovative feels.

Ilo Induction with Free 28cm Cherry Pan

Cook at ease without thinking about flames with Ilo Induction that comes with a FREE 28cm Cherry Pan. This cooktop is way safer than others because it doesn’t need gas and the surface remains cool to touch even when the burner heats up. It also have an automatic pan sensor that detects if the cookware is compatible or not. It won’t take up much space on your kitchen because it is designed to be small yet powerful that has the capacity to cook fast.




Highlighted Items: 

Ilo Air Fryer 
₱ 2,995.00

Ilo Smart Kettle
₱ 1,795.00

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