Know your O Shopping Hosts!

We are currently on the lookout for the newest addition to our growing O Shopping family! But before we get into that, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be an O Shopping host. We asked our hosts some questions to get to know them a little bit better and some tips for all you aspiring hosts!

Victor: Cara. She’s very funny, which is why she has lots of fans… and admirers.

Lesley: No one really, we are always challenged to try to do things in one take, so we are all focused on set. But we like to laugh at each other and our mistakes in between and after takes.


Jamie: Victor and Sandro! Never a dull moment with those 2 especially when they are hosting together.

Sandro: Ako siguro? HahaVictor: All of us! It’s a team effort, and we win 100% of the time.

Lesley: Me! I have already earned the nickname “Reyna ng Tikim.”


Jamie: Most of us enjoy the yummy food prepared on the set – from the hosts to the broadcasting team. Hahahaha!

Sandro: Lahat ng hosts matatakaw actually. Team effort ubusin yung food sa shoots.
Victor: That would be me. Good thing I have great co-hosts.

Lesley: All of us? We’ve all experienced forgetting something, and adlibbing later on, or being helped out by our co-host.

Cara: Also me. Or Victor.

Jamie: Victor! Actually all of them are so good when it comes to adlibs!

Sandro: Ako siguro? Haha sometimes na info overload ako tapos kung ano ano na nasasabi ko, pati life experiences nakekwento ko nga ata eh.
Victor: Justine. She’s very perky and cheerful, and according to guys, “very cute.”

Lesley: Victor? Haha, because he’s so funny and always makes us laugh.

Cara: VICTOR! My gad.

Jamie: It would have to be Vic! He’s a genius. He makes everyone in the set laugh so hard all the time!

Sandro: Victor. Yung mga hirit niya di ko talaga alam san nanggagaling eh.
Victor: Lesley. She’s been my most frequent partner, and we frequently gush about the products we sell.

Lesley: All of us! We all like the products and buy often for our friends and family.

Cara: That would be Yas.

Jamie: I think it would have to be Les! She’s always on the lookout on what amazing items to buy in Oshopping.

Sandro: Lahat kami! Siguro 70% ng mga items ng O Shopping meron kami.
Victor: Hiyasmin. She is also the likes queen, because she makes heads turn (towards her photos).

Lesley: Cara and Yas! Because they do selfies so well and always look gorgeous in them!

Cara: ME. LOL. And Yas too.

Jamie: Cara! She always manages to look so effortlessly beautiful and gorgeous in her selfies. 🙂

Sandro: LAHAT NG GIRLS. Di lang selfie, may IG Stories at mga Snapchat pa yan. HAHA

Victor: As an O Shopping host, I get to try the products first, which is great! We also get to travel to Korea where the head office is. It’s also nice when people recognize me from O Shopping. They sing the theme song to me haha.

Cara: For one, we get to try out all the amazing O Shopping products first (haha), that is a huge perk to be completely honest. But it would really be that we get to work with amazing people, we get to travel and experience the wonders of Korea first hand, while learning a lot of new things along the way. It’s not just all about the hosting, being an O Shopping host requires you to be part of the whole process, and that is an amazing experience altogether.

Lesley: There are many things I love about being an O Shopping host – being able to sample the wonderful products so we can present them properly during the shoot, flying to Korea to tape episodes, and being able to connect with people! I get approached a lot in the mall or in a restaurant by people who watch the show, and really feel like I’m their friend, since O Shopping is what they watch after a long day at work.

Jamie: First off, I have the privilege to try out and experience the wonderful products beforehand as well as learning new stuff along the way and not only that, I get to work with awesome and amazing people which makes my job a really cool one!

Sandro: Being famous during family reunions. Just kidding! Its probably more of getting to try the latest cool products we sell!
Victor: My favorite is the Hi-Home Magic Showerhead; I use it every time I shower. And yes, I shower daily. Hi-Home makes it extra refreshing.

Cara: It’s funny how after all the really great products I’ve hosted, it would still be the Happy Call Double-sided Pan. It was the first product we all handled during the auditions, I taped for it as well. And I seriously learned how to cook because of that.

Sandro: ILO Titanium Pan! I use it when I cook my diet meals! Its so convenient coz I don’t have to add oil and it’s legit easy to clean!

Lesley: There are so many items that I love, but I’d have to say the beauty products are the best! I love the NEOGEN Cream and the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, my skin feels so fresh and dewy when I wake up in the morning after using them.

Jamie: Well, out of all my favorites it would be the WEDO Multi-Massager! I’m all about comfort and relaxation and that particular item gives me just that! It literally massages me with human-like hands. In fact, I’ve lost count on how many times I use it in a day! Hahaha! It gives me total relaxation everywhere I go! 🙂

Victor: I was very nervous before my first taping! Me and Yas tried out the Happy Call pan and ran through the spiels to prepare. Thankfully we got through it, and the sales were good!

Sandro: Hella nervous. I was doubting myself. I was unsure if I was really qualified to do this! Dami pa tao sa studio, tapos pag magkamali ako, sobrang nakakahiya, baka isipin bano ako.

Lesley: I was extremely nervous! I just made sure that I knew the product by heart, I practiced a lot, and I asked my co-host Victor if there was anything I wasn’t sure of. The O Shopping team was very supportive and I could see they wanted me to succeed, so I just took a deep breath before the shoot began, reminded myself I prepared well, and just let go and had fun.

Cara: It was nerve wracking, but also so much fun. My first ever episode I taped with my best friend who was also with O Shopping for quite a while. I guess I was lucky it was with her so getting comfortable wasn’t a problem. But hosting for O Shopping isn’t really as easy as one would think. You have to study the product very well, and also believe in it of course. And you always, always have to be on your toes. We spent almost an entire week rehearsing, researching and studying the product before taping.

Jamie: Oh my!!! I was really nervous! It was an extremely nerve wracking experience for me. In fact, I was shaking the whole time!!!! (I remember it was the ILO Classic Pot with Lesley.) But of course, I made sure that I know every feature and detail of the product even religiously practiced product handling in front of the mirror. It was also so kind of Lesley to teach and help me out along the way plus I’m grateful for having a supportive team who’s been very patient with me all throughout.
Victor: The most challenging part of hosting is adjusting to changes in the flow of the program. With experience, presence of mind, and intelligent co-hosts, it becomes easier, and even fun!

Sandro: Exercise products are always challenging. It’s hard catching your breathe while on the machines and you still try to talk straight trying to hide the pain or fatigue. Haha

Lesley: It’s always a challenge being able to handle a product with many parts well, to be able to hold it at exactly the right angle for maximum impact, and manipulate it with precision and right timing! That’s why practicing in front of a mirror always helps!

Cara: The most challenging would be our first taping in Korea. It was very different from how we would tape in the Philippines. Everything was faster, of course there was the language barrier, and they were so used to shooting live so we had to do it that way of course. The biggest challenge was to NOT MAKE A SINGLE MISTAKE. I mean, imagine that! Haha.

Jamie: The most challenging for me is how to handle a product and being able to describe properly every detail and emotion that comes with it as well as how to seamlessly show it at the right angle and manipulate it the easiest and hassle-free way. Actually it’s always a challenge for me to be able to engage with the viewers and make them experience the products for themselves through my comments and actions.
Victor: I love that our episodes are taped-as-live. It’s very natural and conversational, it’s like we’re just talking to friends, offering something that would make their life easy.

Sandro: I love that I am part of the O Shopping family! Hahaha

Jamie: The fact that I’m able to experience the unique and awesome products they offer and get to host on-cam. 🙂

Cara: The people I work with. No kidding. (And the products of course, duh!)

Lesley: I’m proud to be part of a global company with great products. It also is a privilege to be able to see the O Shopping headquarters, and to realize just how big the bigger picture is. I’m truly proud to be part of it all.
Victor: I’m excited by the fact that I can directly apply concepts I’ve learned in school, like a product’s Unique Selling Proposition, while hosting O Shopping.

Sandro: More of nostalgia, I guess? I remember watching home TV shopping shows with my lolo and we’d both get convinced and I’d ask him to order those items for me.  My lolo had a stroke during that time and it was our thing to watch home TV shopping programs.

Cara: Like I said, I wanted to be part of this “revolution”. Haha. This change. This “making lives easier” for people. We are the first and the original in the country. There’s really no topping that.

Jamie: I’ve been a fan of O Shopping since they started airing on tv. I remember watching it religiously every single day and finally challenged myself to join their host hunting audition.

Victor: While taping for the Hi-Home Magic Shower Head and Kitchen Head Bundle, I accidentally pointed the shower head in Cara’s direction. Sorry Cara! Haha.

Sandro: Probably this one time where I had to drink a “healthy shake.” Healthy does not always mean good and tasty. So after sipping, the camera focused on me waiting for me to react and all I was able to say was “mmmmm lasang healthy!”

Jamie: When I panicked and ran out of things to say and instead said something not relatable to the product ad froze right there and then! Hahahaha!

Cara: Me and Victor were taping for the Magic Showerhead in Korea. Victor couldn’t turn the knob thing on the shower because his hands were already wet. And because we were taping as live, we couldn’t afford to make mistakes so I tried to help him out and ended up, well, giving myself a shower on the set. Haha

Lesley: I like being able to sample the food on set for cooking products haha, and oftentimes volunteer to do this. There was one time when I placed freshly cooked food in my mouth without blowing on it first, and it was so hot! I remember tearing up and wanting to take the food out of mouth but of course I couldn’t do that. So I just smiled and chewed on. The show must go on after all!
Victor: Keep learning and keep improving. Always think how the products will benefit customers. And don’t forget to have fun.

Sandro: Wag na kayo mag audition, baka mabawasan products ko eh. Joke! Just try to be who you are and learn to love the product you are selling! Be attached to it and know it by heart always!

Jamie: Just be positive and confident about yourself and everything else will follow. You have to know and speak about the product by heart and just enjoy the experience. 🙂

Cara: Just be yourself and enjoy it. It will be hard at first, with all the technicalities, studying the products, knowing it by heart. But if you just be yourself, imagine you’re talking to your friends and telling them about this amazing new product you just tried out and you JUST HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH THEM BECAUSE IT HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE, (haha), you will have so much fun with it. It will come out, and that’s how it becomes effective, for me at least. I think. Haha

Lesley: Know the product, understand why you are selling it, speak sincerely, listen and respond to your co-host, and allow your beautiful, unique personality to shine through. 🙂



Being a part of O Shopping has its perks but most importantly, it’s all about being part of a family. If you think that you would fit in perfectly and have what it takes to become the next host alongside Cara, Justine, Jamie, Victor, Lesley, and Sandro, proudly say #IAmTheNextOShoppingHost!

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