Get Ready for Summer

Well that was fast – February is coming to an end! That means that the summer season is upon us and soon we’ll be hitting the pools and the beaches.

Today, we’re sharing some quick starter tips to get you in the mood for the sunny days!

Keep it movin’!

Sometimes, we get so busy at work that we just can’t squeeze some physical activity in our schedules (or – let’s be honest – we’re just too lazy to exercise!). But how are you going to achieve that beach-worthy body that you’ve been dreaming of? Well, it’s time to keep your body moving!

If you find it hard to make working out a habit, start by easing yourself into it. Good thing there’s the Euro Portable Pedal Bike! This equipment is a no-brainer to use, yet very effective for a cardio exercise.  The best part? It’s compact and portable so you can use it anytime you want, anywhere you are – and yes, even at the office so no excuses this time!

Once you get used to it, you can start incorporating some intense physical workouts into your routine.


Protect your peepers!

When buying sunscreen, we tend to very specific as to how effective it is in protecting our skin. But when it comes to sunglasses, how picky are we?

Do you know that sunglasses without UV protection do more harm than good? They dilate your pupils and therefore let more UV rays enter your eyes. That’s worse than not wearing sunglasses at all!

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for any sunglasses just because they’re ~cute~. Choose the protective ones that provide 99% UV protection such as the Harry Mason 3pc. Sunglasses! Each pair in this set is made of premium materials like acetate and CR39 that are lightweight yet durable. They also block 99% of harmful UV rays. Did we mention that you’ll get three stylish pairs in a set? So you have more options to match your summer OOTDs!



Avoid the haggard look!

The hot, humid weather shouldn’t stop you from looking fresh as a daisy! Instead of your usual makeup products that can be a bit heavy on your skin, opt for compact and lightweight cosmetics that still give nice color payoff.

Swap your eye and face palette with any of the three SEP My Mott Kits. Each kit has multi-use pigments that sit nicely on top of your skin.


Then finish off your look with a touch of color using the Beauty Beginning Chiffon Lip Tint.


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