Get your Bod Summer-Ready!

During the holiday season, you had given yourself a valid excuse to indulge in whatever you wanted to eat, thinking that you could just work out and eat healthy come the new year and shed those extra pounds.

But how are your fitness resolutions going so far? Is it going for you as planned or have you already relapsed into an inactive lifestyle? Well, if you’re stuck with your old habits, don’t worry because it’s never too late to move and get in shape!

Today, we’re sharing some simple yet effective exercise routines that you can do in preparation for summer. So before the temperature gets even higher, let’s get workin’ to achieve that beach-worthy body!

Start warming up your body through stretching. Doing so will relax any tightness in your muscles and give you more flexibility for ease of movement. For the optimal stretching routine, use the Fitera Exroller which lets you do two types of stretching.

To do straight stretch, place your knees on the knee rollers in fixed position then hold both hand rollers in movable position. Move the hand rollers forward in a straight direction, then roll backwards to the original position.

To do J-Style Yoga, flip the knee rollers so that they are in movable position and the hand rollers in fixed position. Do the starting position as in the straight stretch, then roll your knees backwards, stretching your torso upwards as you go. Return to the starting position by using your core to pull your lower body forward.

Repeat each routine fifteen times to get your body ready for the next exercise!

Okay, let’s keep moving! The next step is a simple yet very effective form of exercise – walking.

No worries, you don’t need to take a step out of the house to do this because the WEDO Walky is here to help! Just step on it, grab the handles and start walking! To keep track of your progress, use the LCD monitor to see the number of steps you’ve taken per minute, the time you’ve spent, or the amount of calories burnt.

Could you use a bit more intensity? To up the challenge, just adjust the tension knob of your WEDO Walky to your liking. Thanks to its shock absorbers, it doesn’t impact your knees know matter how hard you exercise.

Once you’re done, just detach its handles and stow it away almost anywhere!

Time to pick up the pace and keep the blood pumping! Try cycling with a slim, easy-to-use indoor bike like the WEDO Zero Bike X. This machine works just like the stationary bikes you see at the gym – minus the bulkiness and hefty price tag.

You can use the Zero Bike X just as you would a regular bike, or opt to do mini push-ups or lift some weights while cycling for a good cardio and calorie-torching routine in one.

The Zero Bike X is also equipped with an LCD monitor and an adjustable tension knob. As a bonus, you’ll also get a Fitness Watch for FREE!

Now you’re ready to amp up your workout! Tone your muscles and strengthen your body with some good chin-ups and dips using the Lexpa Chinning Dipping.

You can do a multitude of exercised using this one simple equipment:

  • Pull-Ups and Chin-ups – To do pull-ups, hold the side angled bars at the top portion of Lexpa Chinning Dipping with your palms facing away. Lift your whole body using your arms and chest and lower it back down to your original position. To do chin-ups, hold the bars with your palms facing towards your body then do the same steps.
  • Dips – Grasp the dip bars at the middle portion. Bend your elbows behind you until they’re parallel with your shoulders, forming a 90° angle with your forearms. Lift your whole body until your arms are straightened then dip down to the original position.
  • Leg Raise – Hold either the side angle bars at the top or the dip bars at the middle portion. Raise both legs at the same time, forming a 90° angle with your torso.
  • Push up – Get on a planking position with your hands holding the bars at the bottom, elbows pointed towards your feet. Raise your body using your arms until they are straightened upwards.


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