Ham Glaze

Happy Monday, O Shoppers! We hope everyone had a solemn and meaningful Holy Week. It was a much needed time to reflect and recharge and now that we’re back to the daily grind, we wanted to give you a special treat to help jump start the week! For the meat lovers who fasted and abstained during the Lenten season, this could be an exciting recipe to try out and enjoy! With the beautiful contrast of savory Ham and this sweet glaze, you might have a hard time putting down those utensils. What’s great is that anyone can easily make this mouthwatering glaze!


  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • Half a Lemon / Orange Juice


  1. Using the Masflex Galaxy Sauce Pan, caramelize the sugar by putting it over low to medium heat
  2. Once sugar starts caramelizing, pour in the lemon / orange juice.
  3. Do not overcook the caramel.
  4. Pour it over the ham and serve.

Watch the Masflex Galaxy Cookware Set in action to see the entire process through this video:

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