Have More Space at Home!

Weather you have a big home or not, you have to make the most out of the space in your place! You don’t have to force yourself to throw the things that you want to keep because the items below which you could easily get from oshopping.com.ph would help you have more space at home. A thin rolling shelf to slip in that weird space between your fridge and cabinets. Or between your laundry machine and the wall. Or in the garage next to your car. Wherever you have a tiny sliver of unused space.

Make use of that narrow space

Are you bothered on that narrow unused space between your cabinets and fridge? Now, you can make use of that space brilliantly with Casa Maru Moving Slim Shelves! This is where you could put your kitchen-buddies or whatever stuff that you frequently need and you can get it by just rolling it. This would make use of all those spaces that you didn’t know you could actually use!

Keep your stuff compact and flat

Cosmo Living 10-piece Magic Space Savers really gives justice to its name because it lets you stuff more of your things! Aside from being very helpful in saving space, it’s also very convenient to us especially with the Portable Air Pump included in the set.

Save Space

Love clothes but there’s no more space in your closet? Then VO.TEMM One-Flip Smart Hanger is the hanger you didn’t know you needed. This would definitely provide you more room for new clothes. Aside from that, this also allows you to organize your clothes and let you select your OOTD without wrinkling your other clothes.

Organize your Kikay Stuff!

Do you love skincare products, make-up, perfumes, and whatnot? It’s a struggle if you have a lot of it because it takes a lot of space. Then Nordic Design 360 Organizer is your bestie. This rotating beauty organizer neatly organizes all your kikay stuff and makes it easier for you to find what you needed!


Highlighted Items: 






Casa Maru Moving Slim Shelves | Php1,495







Cosmo Living 10-piece Magic Space Savers with Free Portable Air Pump | Php1,295







VO.TEMM One-Flip Smart Hanger | Php995







Nordic Design 360 Organizer | Php1,295

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