Independence Day Activities You Could Do

Every 12th Day of June, Filipinos celebrate Philippine Independence Day. This day is significant to every Filipinos around the world no matter where they are because this is the day where we celebrate our freedom. This is also considered as a holiday so there won’t be any work or classes – giving us more time to spend with our loved ones.

With that, there are plenty of things we could do to make it more memorable & meaningful so we came up with a few amusing things you could do this Independence Day:

Watch your favorite show

If you love to stay at home but still want to celebrate Independence Day, then you can! Choose a movie to watch or a series to binge watch with Beast X Entertainment & Pocket PC. This levels up your televisions and turn it to a personal computer in just a snap where you could surf the net on a bigger screen and search for some other movies you could watch online! Sounds too simple but who doesn’t like a day where you would just get cozy on your place and chill. You could make watching movies more relevant to the holiday by watching some good Filipino movies!

Cook for everyone

Independence Day is considered a national holiday which means that most people are on a day-off to celebrate. And since most people don’t have to go to work, why not gather your old pals for some good catch up and cook a sumptuous meal or everyone with ilo Eco-Friendly Cookware Set. There’s no better way to catch up than catching up over some good food!

Go on a trip

Independence Day is a valid reason to hit the road for some roadtrip! Long drives are fun, especially when you’re with people whom you love. If you’re planning to go on a trip, don’t forget Wanderskye Flight Essentials with you for a cozy & blissful trip. To commemorate our beloved country’s Independence Day, try going to local museums since there are a lot in Metro Manila like National Museum to know more about our culture & history. But if you want to go for a long drive, go visit some historic towns like Corregidor or Vigan and a lot more!


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