Inexpensive Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your comfort zone and it’s a very personal space where you keep your stuff without worrying about it. However, since this is the place where you chill and sleep it often get neglected since your visitors doesn’t see it most of the time. We tend to update the decoration to the point that it gets boring.

We all need a good change may it be physically, lifestyle, and of course our home! Not necessarily move to a new place but to revamp your place for a new look and more welcoming feels. Yet, revamping your room sounds costly but it reality it can be very affordable!

Play with the wall

Have you been stuck with your boring plain wall? Try adding up some colors and accent to it by putting up some paintings or wall clock on your wall and sure, it’ll make a statement and give more feels when you enter the room. You can choose to put a colorful wall clock like Homu Three-Piece Poster Clock 3 Giraffe and Sky Balloon Wall Clock or give it a rustic feels like Merry-Go-Round Wall Clock. These will dramatically revamp your room for sure!

Hide the Cords

You can’t really enjoy your newly revamp room if there are stubborn cords showing up. These cords can ruin space but with Tap Up Extension Organizer, your cluttered cable wires can be hidden with a style! You could also organize your charger cords in Cascade Portable Digital Accessories Pouch that you could use when you’re on a vacation as well.

Pack Up the Unnecessary Stuff

Admit it or not, not all of the things in your room are used often. Some of it are seasonal and not used for a long time. To make the most out of your space, why not organize all your things? Pack up those seasonal stuff you have and put it in a nice organizers like ZL Basket Organizer that gives you the rustic and relaxing vibe. If you’re a fun person and wants a colorful box, you could choose from the 7 designs & colors of Homu Storage Box Home Organizer 100L and if you want basics, Ikea Skubb Box of 6 in color black is perfect for you. Just a top though, to make the most out of your place, use the dead space and place this under your bed.

Change the Sheets

The feeling you get when you lay down on your bed and the sheets are newly change is just perfect. Freshly made beds give you that cozy vibe especially when you use VO.TEMM Cooling Bedding Set since it is designed for breathability and ultimate comfort. It’s cool seersucker material makes it perfect whatever the weather is.

Add Some Accents

You probably have a desk at your room but it has been a place where you stack your stuff and now it’s very messy. Well then you should throw away those stuff that you aren’t using anymore and replace it with some accents like Ikea Lampan Table Lamp. Don’t underestimate what this lamp’s light can do because this can be your favorite corner where you can relax and read your favorite book. Also, try putting Crane Adorable Air Purifier beside it for a peaceful vibe and these two could be your favorite mood booster.


Highlighted Items:



Crane Adorable Air Purifier | ₱5,379.75





Ikea Lampan Table Lamp | ₱640




VO.TEMM Cooling Bedding Set (Single) | ₱2,995






Ikea Skubb Box of 6 | ₱855




Homu Storage Box Home Organizer 100L | ₱750





ZL Basket Organizers | ₱745




Cascade Portable Double Digital Accessories Pouch | ₱498






Tap Up Extension Organizer | ₱750





Sky Balloon Wall Clock | ₱1,210




Merry-Go-Round Wall Clock | ₱1,210







Homu Three-Piece Poster Clock 3 Giraffe | ₱895

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