July Declutter Bug!

Living in a cluttered home can make our minds feel cluttered too. Many of us won’t be able to organize our thoughts or even sleep well at night! Well, O Shoppers, a clutter free home doesn’t have to just be something you dream about! With these innovative and must-have O Shopping items, you’ll definitely catch the declutter bug this July!


Decluttering doesn’t always have to mean getting rid of things. A cabinet or drawer full of important items can become cluttered if we don’t know how to keep the contents arranged and organized! The VO.TEMM One-Flip Smart Hanger (4+2), with its innovative design will help keep your cabinet clutter and mess free! If you have more clothes than you have cabinet space, then this hanger set is perfect for you! Organize your closet today!    

If your cabinet space is not enough to hold all your beautiful and favorite shirts, dresses and pants, the IDEAzip Tetris Clothes Rack is perfect for you! This innovative item can help you organize your clothes and add style to your room with its DIY Design that lets you customize its position in 6 different ways! 

When it comes to decluttering, the biggest question is “What if I need this again in the future?” or “But this has sentimental value, how can I give this away?”. What if we told you, you don’t have to give your valuables away? What if we told you you can keep them and still have your home look organized? With the durable and stackable 5-Piece Magic Organizer you can store all your home valuable and create more space for new things! You can use this outside or inside your home!

Surprise, O Shoppers!


Highlighted items:






5-Piece Magic Organizer | P1,995






VO.TEMM One-Flip Smart Hanger (4+2) | P1,595






IDEAzip Tetris Clothes Rack | P1,995


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