July Declutter Bug!

Living in a cluttered home can make our minds feel cluttered too. Many of us won’t be able to organize our thoughts or even sleep well at night! Well, O Shoppers, a clutter free home doesn’t have to just be something you dream about! With these innovative and must-have O Shopping items, you’ll definitely catch the declutter bug this July!

Decluttering doesn’t always have to mean getting rid of things. A cabinet or drawer full of important items can become cluttered if we don’t know how to keep the contents arranged and organized! The VO.TEMM Space Organizer Set will create dividers in your drawers making it easier for you to categorize and classify your items in one drawer! The set comes with (4) smart bars that expand to fit most drawer sizes, (4) expanders, (2) dividers AND (4) smart bars, (4) expanders, (2) dividers FREE! With this set you’ll never have to go through the horror of having to look for that one pair of socks that always seems to go missing!   

You can never have too many pairs of shoes. You just need to know how to arrange them and keep them clean and fresh so they don’t destroy easily. You don’t have to keep cramming all your shoes in your shoe cabinet anymore, with the VO.TEMM Shoe Organizer you can organize all your shoes and make space for more new ones! With this organizer you can not only store and organize your footwear, but it also makes it easier for you to pick out a pair of shoes to match your outfit in the mornings! 


When it comes to decluttering, the biggest question is “What if I need this again in the future?” or “But this has sentimental value, how can I give this away?”. What if we told you, you don’t have to give your valuables away? What if we told you you can keep them and still have your home look organized? With the durable and stackable VO.TEMM Living Box you can store all your home valuable and create more space for new things! They also come in pretty vivid colors that add pops of color to your home when you use it!








VO.TEMM Space Organizer Set | P2,295






VO.TEMM Shoe Organizer | P1,295






VO.TEMM Living Box | P1,995


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