Kinulob na Manok

Whenever we feel down, we often turn to food as a pick-me-upper or comforting treat. One popular choice would be chicken soup which always nourishes us and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling when we enjoy it. It’s made even more special when it’s made by our mom as a labor of love. Below we have a satisfying casserole chicken soup recipe courtesy of Nancy Reyes-Lumen’s Mom that will surely hit the spot when you need some instant relief and want to indulge. Bon appétit!


• 1 whole fat chicken, pull out fats, set aside for later use
• 2 large potatoes, peeled, quartered
• 1 large onion, pierced with peppercorns
• 1 whole chorizo, sliced thickly, diagonally
• 100 gm-size cut of ham or ham bone, whole
• Whole peppercorns
• Laurel
• Water to cover
• Little soy sauce, about 1 tbsp
• Rock salt, to your taste
• 2-3 tbsp Sherry wine or brandy or rhum, if desired
• Singed banana leaves* and strings


1. Heat the Masflex Casserole and place chicken fat ’til oil is rendered.
2. Add chorizo slices.
3. Then add the chicken, potatoes, onion, ham, laurel and water to cover plus 1 inch more.
4. Add enough soy sauce to make the liquid more appetizing in color, like a golden broth.
5. Rock salt and sherry wine will be added later.
6. Bring to boil, then simmer.
7. Cover the Masflex Casserole with 2-3 layers of singed banana leaves and then tie with string to seal the soup. Weigh down with the lid of the Casserole.
8. For every kilo of chicken, cook for 25-30 minutes.
9. Open or peep into the soup to check doneness. Taste and adjust seasonings. Add rock salt and sherry wine.
10. Return banana cover and lid.
11. Cook another 5-10 minutes
12. Serve broth separately from the meats and vegetables.

* Singed banana leaves: directly pass leaves over flame to soften leaves and make them pliable.

You can cook up this recipe at this year’s Noche Buena because the longer you keep reheating it, the richer it gets in flavor. To enjoy it further, mash the potatoes into the hot broth.

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