Level Up Weekends at Home

Let’s face the reality, we all face stress at work and we’re working at least 5 days a week. Of course, we all deserve to have fun! Having fun doesn’t always mean that you have to be outside spending money. Not everyone may see it but being at home and having a good bonding time with your loved ones is one relaxing thing we could do without spending a lot.

It’s a nice idea to catch up with your family once in a while and you could do it at home. Level it up for a more fun & memorable experience. How? We got you!

Have a Cook-off!

Make your dinner time more interesting by voting on what cuisine you shall have for dinner. You don’t have to worry whatever cuisine will win because you could cook any meal with ilo Multi Cooker Set!

To make it more fun, you may also vote on who will be the one to cook it. You can have draw lots or have some game to choose who’s the point person for this!


Getting a massage after a long week is always a good idea. However, lines in the spa could be long that results to hours of waiting. Now, you could do it at home at your own pace with Euro Health Massager! With 4 interchangeable massage heads perfect for lower and upper back, neck, abdomen calf and thigh areas. This would totally give you the relaxation that you need at home!

Play Some Games

It’s time for you to say goodbye from the digital world for a while and enjoy a perfect bonding time with your loved ones by playing some games. Bring back the times where there were no phones or internet and play with Hedbanz Games 2nd Edition Toys. This would be a perfect game for the whole family!


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ilo Multi Cooker Set | Php 2,995







Euro Health Massager  | Php 1,495







Hedbanz Games 2nd Edition Toys | Php659



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