Meet the O Team!

You’ve seen our hosts, all dolled up on TV and eager to show you firsthand the latest innovative products to make life easier for you. But of course, behind the scenes, it actually takes a village. Each department working tirelessly to offer only the best TV and online shopping experience for every O Shopper. From merchandising, broadcasting, marketing and e-commerce and so on, it’s a huge collaborative effort.

But the best thing about being part of the O Team is that it feels like being in one big family all working toward the same goal. It’s a lot of work but there are definitely a lot of laughs along the way. Day in and day out, it’s rewarding to see your hard work come to life and be able to relish in those accomplishments with your co-workers who have become close friends.

Take a behind the scenes peek below and meet some of the O-some O Team members who work hand in hand everyday to make O Shopping a reality:

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