Must-Haves for First time Moms!

It’s one of the most exciting moments in your life waiting for your bundle of joy’s arrival and being able to cradle him or her in your arms for the very first time. The 9 month physical and emotional roller coaster ride suddenly becomes a distant memory as you become overwhelmed with gratitude and relief in this very moment. It’s one memory you’ll remember vividly for years to come.

Exciting times lie ahead and despite feeling over the moon, you feel anxious. You certainly want only the best for your baby. But where to start? Here, we give you a list of must-haves that will make motherhood a little bit easier especially for first time moms.

Enjoy the perks of motherhood with these innovative products that will let you spend more time bonding with your little one. We want to make your life easy every step of the way, most especially in the milestones of your life such as this.

Highlighted Products: 

Feeding Bib Tuxedo
₱ 369.00

Hug a Seat (Black)
₱ 539.00

Table Bump Guard
₱ 349.00

Hug a Bed (Beige)
₱ 1,999.00

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