New Look for the New Year!

Most women welcome the new year with a new, refreshing look. Some cut their hair drastically short, some go for a look they’ve never done before, and some decide to choose a different fashion style. Getting a head to toe makeover may be easy but if you’re one of the women who wants to keep it within a budget, we can help you out!

Read on and feel free to try these tips to get that makeover you want without breaking your budget!



Strictly follow a simple but complete skincare routine. 

A good skincare routine is all you need for naturally glowing skin. It’s guaranteed to save you from those unwanted breakouts too. We know you’ve heard of the many skincare routines which come in several steps but are hard to keep in reality. To make sure that you get an ideal skincare routine without spending too much money (and time), you can limit it into three which are: Clean, Tone and Moisturize. You can start off by deeply cleaning your skin (preferably 1-3 times a week) with the Wonder Bath Salon De Tte. Then, sooth, tone, and moisturize with Tony Moly Mocchi Skincare – this set includes (3) 250ml Aloe Chok Chok Soothing Gel, (2) Aloe Chok Chok Mask Sheet, and (2) 500ml Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner that you could actually use as a toner, facial mask, eye treatment and facial mist! 



 Make time for quick home workouts. 

You don’t have to spend on gym memberships to get or maintain your desired body. With only 10 minutes of quick home workouts, you can already get rid of the excess weight gain you had from the holidays. If you prefer a simple overall body workout, try the WEDO Zero Bike X which also comes with a Free Fitness Watch that can track your progress as you workout. If you’re more into intense workouts, the Avento Skywalker with Free Fitness Band is the perfect choice. And of course, let’s not forget the WEDO Leg Fat Zero which focuses on giving you slim and toned legs.




Explore a new hairtsyle. 

A new hairstyle literally changes everything. It can either enhance your facial features or overhaul your overall look. Getting a new haircut may instantly give you that hairstyle you wish to have but if you tend to quickly switch from one hairstyle to another, we suggest that you get your very own Tsuyagla Hair Styler Set. It can curl, straighten and crimp your hair in no time.




Makeup: Less is More. 

It’s really tempting to try all sorts of makeup given their hype and knowing how in demand they are. But there’s a new golden rule even makeup artists follow nowadays – Less is More. The goal here is to achieve a flawless look without putting too much products, which also leads us to the “No Makeup, Makeup Look”, which is a form of a simple yet refreshing makeup look. To recreate this, you only need SEP My MOTT Kit. This compact set comes with eyeshadow, blusher, contouring, highlighter, lip & cheek stick, and a balmb. Comes with 3 palettes which are #WakeMe, #CheerMe, and #ShakeMe! With these sets, you could do from day to night makeup!



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