New Normal Self-Care

Before, when we say “self-care” the first top things that come into our minds are going to the spa, salons, travelling, and anything that we can do outside our home. But the pandemic we’re experiencing now totally changed not just the Philippines, but the whole world. That’s why we came up with new normal self-care tips that you could do without leaving the house! 

Be wise and sanitize! 

Admit it or not, staying at home can be boring especially if you’re stuck inside the house for months and you miss shopping. But big thanks to online shopping stores because you can buy anything without leaving the house – even if you’re just chilling at home and munching on your favorite snacks. Seeing your parcels arrive gives you that giddy feeling but always make sure to sanitize your hands with Kundal Fresh Water Hand Sanitizer before and after getting it. Your parcels came from the outside still so it’s important to make sure that you’re getting rid of any germs and bacteria. Plus, Kundal Fresh Water Hand Sanitizer is made from natural ingredients that makes it soft and safe for your skin and it has  99.9% sterilization effect! 

Eat Right

It’s time to say goodbye to instant foods that are made from unhealthy ingredients and start eating right ‘cos this will help to keep your body strong and healthy. It’s even healthier if you cook without oil and it’s possible when you cook with ilo Mocha Pan Set! This complete cookware set is heat-resistant and non-stick – making your cooking experience fun, easy, and like a pro! 

Exercise Daily 

Staying at home can result in weight gain but not when you exercise daily. Exercising won’t just help you lose weight but also help you to keep your body strong. It’s even better if you take Puritan’s Pride L-Carnitine Package! This will help you get that perfect body shape and much-needed energy boost! 








Puritan’s Pride L-Carnitine Package | 1,295






Kundal Fresh Water Hand Sanitizer | 995






ilo Mocha Pan Set | 2,995

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