OMG! Simple Flawless Skin Hacks

The rise of the Korean skincare routine is undeniable. Though there are a lot of steps to follow that consumes a lot of time, there are still a lot who tries this regimen to achieve it’s promise: the glass skin because who doesn’t want that, right? 



On the other hand, there are people too who want to achieve the glass skin but don’t have the time to do all the steps or have the budget to buy all the stuff needed that’s why we got you a Simple Flawless Skin Hacks where you don’t have to break the bank! 

Rinse Your Face

Basic. Always remember not to sleep with your makeup on! Just grab your favorite facial wash and wash it with clean water to remove dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris. Washing your face removes these impurities that will give you a fresh look! 

Keep It Cool

This is not usual but this isn’t actually new – use an ice to keep your face cool and refresh it after a long tiring day. This step also reduces puffiness, tighten pores, and calms & soothes any inflammation. 

You could also do this before putting on your makeup because this helps your foundation to look even more flawless! 


Doesn’t matter if you live in a tropical, hot, or cold place – moisturizing your face is a must! There are a plethora of moisturizing products you could see in the market but most of it are either pricey or not really effective. But good thing, SEP Jeju Mask Pack is available at O Shopping for only P775 and that’s 50 face masks! You could also buy it per box with 5 face masks for only P199! OMG right? You shouldn’t fret if this is good on your skin because SEP Jeju Mask Pack is made of natural ingredients making it suitable for all skin types.


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