Pawsome Treats for your furry friend!

After a long day at school or work, one of the nicest feelings is coming home to your beloved furry friend eagerly waiting to smother you with sloppy kisses or gently rubbing against you to get your attention. Whether you had a good or bad day, this is enough to turn it around or make it even better. We regard them as part of the family and the unconditional love they give us makes us feel so special. Below we’ve rounded up some pawsome treats to reward your furry friend and show them some love back!


Make your beloved pet feel like a star with the PS Korea All in One Pet House. This versatile pet house can be transformed into a dry room, bath tub and can be expanded with the food and water dispenser placed outside for more space and even detach the roof during those extra hot days. Amazing right? Or if you want to help your pet relax and unwind, the PS Korea Pet Music Bed is designed to help improve the emotional stability of your pets by making them feel more relaxed with the soothing music. If you’re looking for just a basic plush for your pets to lounge in, the Pet Bed Maze is the perfect choice to keep them cozy and warm while they rest. For the cat lovers out there, the Anbox Eti-Cat Toilet Box will be your precious cat’s favorite place to hang out in with its unique design which also doubles as storage space.     

Let’s face it, we love our furry friends but when it comes to grooming, it can be quite a hassle. Just the mere mention of the words “bath time” can send your pets running the opposite direction. But we found something that will make bath time much more bearable and trust us, your beloved pets will thank you too when you get them the Anydog Dry Room! Gone are the days of getting drenched when giving your pets a bath as you can easily dry them off in this convenient room. Your pets will no longer feel the burden of being cold while waiting to dry off and you can save on those expensive trips to the pet salon with this ingenious product. For your feline friend, we have the Pet Grooming and Scratch Pad. Keep your cat’s nails clean, healthy and strong while keeping it entertained with the toy mouse build inside that will run around once hit by your cat’s paw. You get to kill two birds with one stone and save your furniture from those unwanted scratches.    

While it’s great to splurge on new and innovative products for your pets, we can’t forget about the basics. The Instant Trainer Leash is great for walking your dogs as it uses a gentle but firm resistance so your dog can walk alongside you relaxed while instantly training him to stop pulling. Another pet essential is the Plastic Dog Bowl so you’re assured that your pet gets the nutrition and hydration it needs especially during scorching hot days. Its cute paw design is an added bonus! And when you want to go on a date with your furry friend, the Cotton Pet Bag is a lifesaver with its built-in lock design to keep your pet safe and secure inside the bag. Plus, it’s easy to fold and store so you can bring it with you literally anywhere without worrying about it being bulky.

So go ahead and spoil your adorable pets with these treats that they will surely love.  

Highlighted Products:

Pet Bed Maze
₱ 860.00

Anydog Dry Room
₱ 5,995.00

Plastic Dog Bowl
₱ 135.00

Cotton Pet Bag

₱ 500.00

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