Personal Care Hacks!

When someone says ‘personal care’ do you immediately think of expensive creams, facials, spa and massages? When trying to buy skin care products, do you get confused by the thousands of different products there are out there? Well guess what? Personal care doesn’t have to be so expensive or such a daunting task! Keep reading and we’ll show you some Personal Care Hacks!


Healthy and glowing skin doesn’t only come from expensive skincare products and spa routines. Exercise and stretching plays a huge part in maintaining a healthy skin as well! If you’re working from home or even just bored at home, try to find time to get in a workout or stretch within the day!

Cleansing Your Skin

Just like washing our hands, keeping our face clean with gentle wet wipes is important throughout the day as well. Constantly washing your face with soap can dry out your skin! Try using the safe and gentle Bebesup Zero Wet Tissue to constantly cleanse your face at least 3-4 times a day- especially if you’re stepping out of your home!  

Using rough towels to dry your skin can also contribute to the deterioration of your skin’s health. After taking a shower or washing your face, use the gentle StarHome Premium Microfiber Towel Set to dry you off. 

Do Not Skip Your Skin Care Routine!

No matter how tired you are at night or how busy you are in the morning, do not skin your skin care routine! If your feeling intimidated by the tons of creams and elixirs skin care experts tell you to apply on your face, here are a few tips on what skin care products you should always have in handy:

Aside from washing with soap or wiping your face down with a wet wipe, Toners really help remove that extra layer of dirt that stubbornly clings to your skin! The Tony Moly Mocchi Skincare set not only comes with a toner, you get a face mask, lotion and soothing gel! 

Moisturizing and nourishing your skin is also a very important part of your skincare routine! The Doctorcos Snow White Water Glow Mask Cream not only helps whiten your skin but also nourishes it with the vitamins and minerals it needs!

Drink More Water!

8 glasses a day? Make that 10! Like all the other organs in your body, your skin needs water too! So aside from all the nourishing creams and toners, drinking lots of water will help your skin stay healthy from the inside! 

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