Prepping Up for School

Vacation’s almost over, that means your kids – and yourself – should start gearing up for school. Going in on a new school year can be quite daunting for your children and for you as a parent as well. So apart from enrolling your kids, buying new supplies, books, and uniforms, you also need to do some not-so-obvious preparations. This is to make a smooth transition from a chill summer break to an all-out busy school year.

Read on for some of our tips!

Start scheduling.

During their break, kids had the freedom to do whatever they wanted to in their own time. But before the classes start, you’ve got to help them manage their time wisely to prepare them for school which regularly follows a strict schedule.

For one, you can implement a bedtime schedule. If they’re used to staying up late, curb their time on electronics – TV, games, phone – and try to bring them to bed earlier. Then, wake them up early the next morning. Making this a habit would not only help them adjust their body clock easily, but would also give you more time to squeeze in school-related activities like reading, sports, etc. during the day.

To help them monitor their time more efficiently, make sure the time is always visible to them. In the living area, you can place an eye-catching wall clock like the Sky Balloon Wall Clock or Merry-Go-Round Wall Clock. By their bedside, put a clock with an alarm function, such as the Homtime C12 Bluetooth Alarm Clock.

Get organized.

The new school year is a great opportunity to start with a clean slate, and one of the things to tackle is clutter. To get rid of clutter that can be stressful and distracting for your kid, gather all his/her school supplies, books, and other belongings from last year. Then, review each item and toss away the unnecessary ones. To organize everything left, place them in shelves or drawers compartmentalized with VO.TEMM Space Organizer Set.

To avoid the last-minute rush at the first day of classes, start ironing out their uniforms and keep them wrinkle-free by using the VO.TEMM One-Flip Smart Hangers. Also, don’t forget to clean and polish their shoes (both the black ones and those for P.E.), and organize them as well using the VO.TEMM Shoe Organizer. Place everything front and center inside their closet to save time every morning.

Loosen up!

The back to school season can be nerve-wracking for children, so let them enjoy the last few days of vacation! Treat them to a weekend trip, a quick theme park outing, or a simple stroll at mall. What matters most is that you spend quality time with them while they still have a good amount of free time.

It’s also important to make sure that they are well-rested days before school so that they would have enough energy. To ensure quality, uninterrupted sleep at night, make their room as comfy as possible. Line their bed with soft linen like the VO.TEMM Cooling Bedding Set (available in Single or Queen sizes). Then, keep their entire room comfortably cool for hours by switching on the VO.TEMM Air Circulator.


We hope that these tips would help you prepare for another hectic school year! Good luck, O Shoppers!


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