Six Things Filipinos Do During Undas

End of October to the first week of November is where the spooky season starts and you’ll see Halloween parties here and there. Sure, Filipinos love going to Halloween parties too like the western countries but celebrating All Saints and All Souls Day is a tradition that almost all Filipinos celebrate during November 1 & 2. 

To commemorate the dead, Filipinos go to the cemetery and spend a day there offering prayers, flowers, lighting candles for their loved ones who passed away. Aside from that, there are other things that Filipinos do during Undas that are undeniably unique. 

Here are 6 things that would make you laugh and guilty:

Admit it, Filipinos love to eat wherever… even in the cemetery. Since the whole family gathers in the cemetery it is given that there would be food present. Families usually prepare food at home and bring it to the cemetery for all the family members and visitors to eat. Bring the meals you prepared and place it in a classy yet affordable Borcam Ovenware Set and Glasslock 8-pcs Ovenware Set, where your loved ones could see immediately what you have prepared for them. 

Since these days are considered holidays, it is also a time to take a break with work and spend time with your loved ones. Chill while catching up with your relatives that you haven’t seen in awhile while sitting on the WEDO Zero Gravity Reclining Chair or chilling in your Euro Portable Hammock.

It is given that the cemetery will be bustling with people who are visiting their loved ones and of course, you lowkey want to make people see and praise your OOTD. On the other hand, you can’t avoid the fact that there’s a big chance to feel sticky because of the humid weather in our beloved country. However, you can avoid this and still feel comfortable if you wear appropriate yet stylish clothes like the Comfy Wide Neck Shirt [Single]. Thank me later! *wink*

Since Undas is considered as a mini family reunion, for sure your favorite cousins are present there too! This is the time where Filipinos shares spooky stories with each other whether it is a personal experience or someone else’s story. The cemetery maybe full of people strolling around but it can’t remove the fact that in some point, you’ll feel really scared! Now you you can brave the dark even if you’re alone – just make sure to bring a flashlight with you. But if you bring with you this Firefly Powerful Torch Light with USB Mobile Phone Charger, you won’t be scared in the dark anymore plus it has a charging port for your phone if ever your phone died.

We live in a tropical country, so staying outside the whole day under the sun, can make you feel sweaty and sticky. Carry with you your Bebesup Zero Wet Tissue and the StarHome Premium Microfiber Towel Set.These two are the perfect items it keep you and your family feeling fresh and clean all day! 

Hanging out with family during these solemn holidays are worth keeping memories of. So use your Polaroid Snap Touch and take lots of photos with the whole family! These images immediately develop so that you can share them with all your cousins!







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