Surprise Sleepover Ideas at Your Granny’s

Filipinos are known for being close to the family – may it be immediate or extended, wherever their location is. Get together over the weekend are common where the kids are there to play while the others are there to have some chitchats to keep the bond between each other that gives a unique connection to everyone in the family.

Yet, there’s this one relationship among the family members that is very special – it is the bond between the grandchildren and grandparents. Grandparents are known to spoil their grandchildren more than the parents does and provide them unconditional love that is priceless.

Sure, sleepover over granny’s with your siblings and cousins is something familiar to you and this maybe something you look forward to as a kid. Now that you’ve grown up, don’t you miss doing it?

This summer is the time for you to plan a surprise sleepover with your cousins at your grandparents just like the old times! Here’s a list of some activities that you can do to make your sleepover even more memorable:

Coming over to your grandparent’s house certainly means that there are a lot of food to and your favorite food is definitely present at the table. Now that you’re all grown up, it’s time for you to give back and be the one to cook their favorite food for them. If you want to do it quickly so you could surprise them, cook with Ilo All-in-One Pressure Cooker! It is multi-functional (8-in-1) that lets you prepare a full course easily. You could get everything done in just one touch giving you more time to prepare for something else.

It is given that your grandparent’s loves printed photos and for sure, they have your old photos in their cabinets. Bring out those photographs and re-enact those poses, and rest assured, that would be super fun! Snap it with Polaroid Snap Touch so you don’t need to wait for days just to get a copy of it to be printed – and you can even print a single photo for several times, so you and your grandparents could own a copy.

Just because you’re not a kid anymore, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play games! Prepare your game face on and play with your cousins and grandparents with some games that any age would enjoy. There’s a plethora of games to play from hilarious ones to a game that needs a physical effort! You could choose from Hilarious Poopyhead Card Games, Toilet Trouble, The Guess Game, Headbandz Games 2nd Edition, Loony Bin Game, and Twister Game! These toys will surely give you a different level of excitement.

At the end of the day, all you wanted is to sleep happy and peacefully. However, since you are all grown up it is necessary to have an additional bed, so you wouldn’t squeeze in to a single bed! You and your cousins could sleep comfortably in WEDO Coil Beam Airbed Set where you could place it anywhere! Lying in this bed will surely give you that optimal relaxing feeling that will surely make you look forward to more sleepovers. Made from high quality materials that makes it durable and cozy.


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