Slumber Party Activities!

Looking for a fun idea for your next birthday party? Why not enjoy a fun and exciting chance to bond with your best friends by throwing a Slumber Party at home! Load up on food, movies and tons of fun activities to make the night most memorable! Keep reading to know all the different shenanigans you can have during the slumber party!

Pull out all your glamorous skin care products and get glammed up! This is especially popular in girls slumber parties! Pull your hair back with your Cat Ears Towel Headband, grab your SEP Jeju Mask Pack, gently remove it from its packaging and place it on your face! Chill out with some tea and talk with your friends before removing the mask and patting your face down. You can even take some photos with your friends for keepsakes! For only P775, the SEP Jeju Mask Pack comes with 50 mask sheets, more than enough for all your friends!

Pull out your Wonder Bath Salon de Tte and use the embossed side to remove all dirt and impurities from your face, then use the smooth side to gently cleanse your face, leaving you and your friends feeling fresh and moisturized! 

You could stop there or you can pull out your make-up products and nail art and continue the party!

Why not pop some popcorn, whip up a Nachos and Cheese dip, grab the wine and turn on Netflix! Skip the Chic-flicks and go straight to gory, creepy and scary movies! Make sure to pick the good ones so everyone stays awake! Don’t forget to supply the bed/couch with lots of pillows and blankets! 

Get in the Kitchen and get your hands dirty! Split into groups of 2 and have a bake off! Make sure to do full grocery shopping and stock up on lots of butter, flour, and sugar the day before! Pull out your Delish Treats 4-Piece Baking tool set and Delish Treats Cupcake Maker and whip up some Chocolate Cupcakes! Decorate it with lots of colorful icing and indulge! 








SEP Jeju Mask Pack | P775

Wonder Bath Salon de Tte | P995

Delish Treats 4-Piece Baking Tool Set | P465

Delish Treats Cupcake Maker | P1,750

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