Storage Solutions for your Bedroom & Closet

We’re almost halfway through the year yet many of us are guilty of still not fulfilling our self-imposed resolutions. One common goal is to start organizing our bedroom specifically our closet space. We go through our wardrobe every single day and one way of having an easier and stress-free start to your day is having a seamless experience when selecting your #OOTDs.

Here are 3 quick and simple tips to help get you started:

    • Prepare your outfit the night before

We’ve all been there- we snoozed our alarm and woke up a little late and now we’re rushing to get ready for school or work. What’s worse is we have to quickly put together an outfit and hope that we don’t end up looking like a crazy person. This is where preparation can save the day. Save precious time in the morning by preparing tomorrow’s outfit the night before. You can hang your entire outfit using Smart Non-Slip Hangers. These innovative hangers are heavy duty and have built-in hooks so you can hang your belts or accessories and have your complete look all in one place and ready to go.

    • Have everything within reach

Don’t you hate it when you’re all set with your outfit and good to go but then you realize your bag doesn’t match your get up? So you have to go through your bedroom and closet space again looking for that specific bag to complete your look. Say goodbye to stressful scavenger hunts in your closet with the Fabric Hanging Bag Organizer. This nifty organizer can be easily hung inside your closet alongside your clothes so mixing and matching your outfits can be a breeze. In addition, your precious bags are secured and stored properly to avoid any creasing or wrinkling.

    • Don’t forget the basics

Sometimes we tend to overlook the basics like our underwear and socks not realizing that we can’t really leave the house without these essentials. One common dilemma we encounter is sporting mismatched underwear (for women) or socks. But with the Underwear Organizer 5 piece set, this will no longer be a problem. Be able to sort, organize and find your basics in these handy 6-cell, 7-cell and 24-cell organizers. Be able to save space and time with this convenient set.

Watch the video below and see how these simple storage solutions can help you clean up your bedroom and closet and finally achieve those resolutions:


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