Survive the Hot Weather Like a Pro

Mr. Sun has been present these past few weeks and perhaps giving us scorching days. Summer is just getting started and we should survive it like a pro and without breaking the bank!

Below are some tips on how to survive the hot weather like a pro:

Stay Hydrated!

Get yourself the Latest Gadget 2-Piece Spill Free Tumbler. Aside from keeping you hydrated, this will also make you stunning with its popping colors and it’s made to be stylish. Not just that, this wouldn’t make you worry about accidental spills!

Protect your eyes!

Stand out from the crowd even under the sun because you’ll surely look stunning with Harry Mason 3-Piece Sunglasses. These glasses protect your eyes and making you a fashionista effortlessly.  

Make some Ice Pops!

Save yourself from this weather with some healthy ice pops you could make with Nullly Pop Multi Blender! Choose your favorite fruit flavor and enjoy some good ice pops. You could check our Summer Delights Fruity Ice Pops recipe and start creating your own!


Highlighted Items:






LATEST GADGET 2-Piece Spill Free Tumbler | Php850







Harry Mason 3pc Sunglasses | Php3,495







Nullly Pop Multi Blender | Php 4,995

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