Valentine’s Day Isn’t Over Yet: Share these sweet treats with your foodie fellas!

Receiving random gifts from friends are the best – no matter how simple or grand it is because it makes you feel special. Indeed, it’s the thought that counts. On the other hand, thinking of what to give to your friends can often leave you stumped.
It’s time for you to stop overthinking ang go for something that everyone will surely love: food! Indulge your friends with some grub ‘cos food is something that you can never go wrong with. Admit it or not, receiving something yummy to munch on a boring day is something that you will surely appreciate.
Here are the 3 C’s that you can give to your friends without breaking the bank.

If you have a friend who loves cupcakes, make some to satisfy his or her cravings! You don’t have to worry about baking in a big oven because Delish Treats Cupcake Maker allows you to bake easily. You can bake different cupcakes at the same time since it is compatible with any cupcake mix. This won’t take up much of your time because it finishes the job in just about 8 – 10 minutes.
To make it more personalized, go decorate and bring some life to your concoctions. With 14 different tips – Delish Treats 15-Piece Decorating Set allows you to embellish it based on your friends’ personality.

Be the sweet tooth fairy of your barkada and bake an amazing and tasty cake for them! Show your creative side and make use of Borcam Ovenware Set and choose what size and shape you want for the cake.
Of course, this cake will surely be the star of your friends’ posts so better make it Instagram-worthy! Let your imagination run wild with Delish Treats 24-Piece Decorating Tips to make your cake flowery and stunning in a snap.
If you want it to step it up a notch and make the whole thing more instagrammable, add some cake pops with Delish Treats Cake Pop Maker and put it in the Cake Pop Stand! Your friends would surely love you even more with these treats and of course, for making their feed- goals!

They say that “Life is better with cookies” – and for sure, everyone agrees with that! Invite your friends over for some snacks and surprise them with some good ol’ cookies! Being an adult means a lot of stress and everyone will appreciate it if someone hosts a catch-up session with friends. Now is your time to do it! Whether you baked it yourself or you just bought it somewhere, just put it in a nice tray and serve it with some tea or milk. Use the Masflex Snack Tray with Condiment Holder and your guests will surely feel like they’re in a restaurant. Serving snacks in a nice tray that your visitors can enjoy munching from while catching up will always be an easy and clever idea.

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