Tips to Reduce Stress While at Home

Close your eyes for a bit, take a deep breath and then exhale. This helped you relax a little, didn’t it? One way to relax is through breathing exercises so try doing it at least 10 seconds a day – preferably morning to start your day with some good aura. 

Relaxing means that you need to calm both your mind and body but staying relaxed during these trying times but that doesn’t mean that you can’t actually try doing it, right? So here are some simple tips that you can do to stay relaxed at home. 

Enjoy a good bath

Before we landed in this situation, going to spas and salons is one of our options to unwind and treat ourselves. However, now, the best option is to just stay at home so treat yourself to a good & relaxing bath. Set the mood with some candles, essential oils, and of course a good shampoo that will help to exfoliate and nourish the scalp while preventing loss of moisture – and I’m talking about the Kundal Scalp Care Shampoo Set that’s only ₱995! 


After your good & relaxing bath, wear something cozy – just like the Leifrill 12pc High Waist Slimming Panty Set that will give you those perfect body lines while feeling extra comfy. This will give you the after-spa feeling or staying in a hotel.

Set Up a Quiet & Cozy Spot

Create a special spot at your home where you can unwind and have your me-time. This is perfect when you have a Euro Rocking Chair that is made up of comfortable textile, this rocking chair will not restrict the user’s movements, allowing one to fully relax. However, we can still feel the summer heat these days so relaxing & staying cool is quite a struggle but not when you have the VO.TEMM Digital Air Circulator! It has a timer setting and 3 level control which you can control without moving your whole body since it comes with a remote control!

Since we want to ease your stress more, we got a surprise for you!


Highlighted Items:






Leifrill 12pc. High Waist Slimming Panty Set | 1,995






Kundal Scalp Care Shampoo Set | 995






Euro Rocking Chair | 2,495






VO.TEMM Digital Air Circulator | 2,495





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