Use & Care of ILO Pans and Pots

ILO is known to celebrate the joy of cooking and cooking aficionados can’t get enough of their durable and high quality pans and pots. We’d to like share with you some easy tips on how to keep your ILO products in their pristine shape. Especially for pans and pots which we use on a daily basis, it is imperative to be mindful of how we clean and store them so we can use them for a very long time. Read on below to see how you can keep your ILO Pans & Pots in tip top shape!



Highlighted Products: 

ILO Stainless Pan Set
₱ 3,495.00

ILO Ceramic Pot Set
₱ 3,495.00

ILO Stainless Pot Set
₱ 3,495.00

ILO Classic Pot
₱ 2,995.00

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