Level Up Your Valentine’s Day: List of Fun and Unique Activities that You Can Do

Most of us wish to have a remarkable first date – which usually is the most memorable one. Going on succeeding dates means that you’re sealing the deal with that bae.

The excitement of going on dates with the one you love will always be there no matter how long you’ve been together. However, it is still essential to sustain each other’s euphoria for the both of you to keep on having memorable dates together.

No need to worry about running out of date ideas because here are some achievable practical and fun ideas that your special someone won’t forget.

Why should you always go out to watch a movie? And who says that you can only play your favorite video game with your friends? Staying at home binge watching your favorite romantic show or movie and playing your favorite video games would be more fun and romantic if you do it with your special someone.

Now is the time to unleash a whole new TV experience with Beast X Home Entertainment and Pocket PC. This will allow you to have a full desktop feel in any screen. Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, this allows you to connect any gaming controllers, keyboard, and mouse at ease! Why spend so much going out when you can do it at home. Plus, you can do this anytime you want, not just on Valentine’s day.

You don’t have to be an artist to make art. This is still applicable for you even if you feel that you’re not good in doing such ‘cos being with bae always brings out the best in you. Valentine’s Day is something that couples celebrate together so make it fun and memorable.

It’s time for the both of you to try something that you don’t always do and make the most out of it. You can make cards, draw each other, write a creative love letter just like back in the day, name it! To achieve this activity, all you need is paper, art materials, and of course colored markers! A simple drawing and letter would be a masterpiece with Touchfive Markers. It is available in 36 pcs., 60 pcs., and 80 pcs. where you could play and experiment with colors. It can bring out the childhood feels and maybe, you’d discover that you and your bae are natural artists!

Spontaneous trips are one of the best so if you haven’t planned any date yet, going somewhere you’ve never been to is one of the best ideas we’d recommend. Go out-of-town, go on a hike, or go anywhere in Manila like in Intramuros or Manila Museum where you could do some exciting activities. Sample food around the place or go on a photo walk – do it as long as you and your S.O. are both having fun (which I’m quite sure you both will). But still, you should keep your things safe and dry while having fun. If you’re more of a backpacker, Wanderskye Backpack Cover (available in Extra Small, Small, and Medium and in unique designs) is what you need. This will help to protect your backpack against dirt & scratches and is waterproof!

A tip though, take this moment to familiarize yourselves with the place, learn things about its history and of course, each other.

They say that “A way to a man / woman’s heart is through his / her stomach”. No need to go out to a fancy restaurant to make your loved one happy with food because cooking for them is something that is personal and way more romantic than just buying something readymade. You’ll be surprised at how cooking and experimenting with recipes together could be so much fun.

Both of you can cook at ease with the New Ilo Rainbow Pot Set that comes with a Free Silicone Handle. Add more joy to each other’s lives and to your kitchen as well! The set comes with three different pots that allows the both of you to cook together at the same time. To make it more fun and exciting, the two of you can have a little competition on who can cook better and faster.  That’s sweet! For sure, that would be a close fight since the pots are non-stick, lightweight, and durable.

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