Wagyu Beef with Anchovy Butter

Sometimes, work or school can be so stressful that preparing dinner is the last thing you look forward to when you get home. But after all your hard work, you deserve something special that’s not only very easy to do but very rewarding too!

The recipe we have for you today is perfect for when you have just a little time but a big appetite to satisfy. Picture this: hearty, tasty Wagyu beef steak smothered with anchovy-infused butter with creamy mashed potato on the side. This recipe will surely get you excited for gourmet homemade dinners!

Read on to know how to easily whip up this luxurious dish right in your very own kitchen!



Wagyu beef
soy sauce
Freshly pounded peppercorn, as desired
1/2 cup softened butter
2-3 pcs. anchovy
1 tbsp minced parsley
mashed potato or sweet potato (kamote)


First, marinate the Wagyu beef

1. Marinate Wagyu beef in lemon and soy sauce. Best to marinate overnight.
2. Season with peppercorn.
3. Pound to flatten, if desired.

To make the anchovy butter,

4. Blend together butter, parsley, and anchovy.
5. Chill to harden.
6. When almost hard, shape into 4 pieces, as desired.

Let’s cook!

7. Heat the Masflex Galaxy Grill Pan.
8. Grill the Wagyu beef steak.
9. Cook until done. Do not overcook!
10. To plate, top with hardened anchovy butter.
11. Serve on a bed of mashed potatoes or kamote, or combination of both.


Check out this video to watch how this recipe is done, plus more!



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