Wake Up and Glow Up

Being a woman is indeed very complicated. There are times that you just want to tie your hair, don’t put makeup on, and wear your most relaxed outfit and sometimes you want to glam up even if there’s no occasion. 

During the days that you just want to look chill, admit it or not, of course you still want to look good & fresh even without makeup on — and we got you some tips on how to achieve that! Imagine having a flawless and gorgeous looking skin the moment you wake up. That would be great, right? 

Tip # 1 : Take a cold shower! 

Taking a cold shower would wake you up, give you more energy and better mood and that’s a good way to start your day. It’s even better if you have Hi-Home Magic Showerhead in your bathroom because this makes shower time extra fun & relaxing! 


Tip # 2 : Wash your face with a good cleanser 

Facial cleansers aren’t enough to clean your face so you also have to exfoliate from time to time and Wonder Bath Salon de Tte can help you with that. This is a cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator in one which you can use not just in your face but also to any part of your body that needs exfoliating! 


Tip # 3 : Moisturize! 

Moisturizing your face may be a bit extra for some but this is actually a must if you want to keep your skin fresh and it is possible with SEP Jeju Mask Pack which is only P775 for 50 sheets! 


If you just want to look chill or look all glammed up, you must follow these tips and see the result yourself! 

And if you feel like being extra on your outfit, we also got tips for you! 

Tip #1: Keep your closet organized!

Looking for an outfit from a pile of clothes on your bed or on the floor isn’t ideal — we’re not Cher from Clueless! By keeping your closet organized it would be very much helpful in picking up your OOTD and this would be easier if you have Euro Easy Closet. Have a lot of clothes? No worries because this is Buy 1 Take 1 and you can get it for only ₱1,495! 


Tip #2: Plan your outfits ahead of time 

It’s not easy to select your OOTD on the spot especially when you have something coming up. It is ideal to plan your outfits ahead of time and try it on the night before so you could see if the outfit you’re thinking for is a yes or nah. 


Tip #3: Classic Pieces

If you want to look fashionable, it doesn’t mean that you should always wear expensive high fashion pieces. It’s a must to have classics in your closet that you could easily pair with anything depending on your mood like Zio Songzio Long Shirt which you could get for only ₱755!


Highlighted Items:






Hi-Home Magic Showerhead | 1,295







Wonder Bath Salon de Tte | 995






SEP Jeju Mask Pack | 775







Euro Easy Closet (Buy 1 Take 1) | 1,495






Zio Songzio Long Shirt [Single] | 775

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