Ways To Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day

Mommy, mum, mama, ma, nanay, momshie… we all call our mothers different names, but their love for us always remains the same. This is more than enough reason for us to honor them and make their day extra special. After all, a single day won’t ever equal years of their love, support, and sacrifices.

For today’s blog, we’re sharing some precious ways to spend quality time and show your appreciation to your mother this coming Mother’s Day.

Spa at Home

Let your mom take a whole day off and treat her to an indulgent spa treatment – right in your home!

Prep her room by lowering the temperature for a relaxing vibe (no to icky summer heat!). You can do this by turning on the VO.TEMM Dual Circulator and lining the bed with VO.TEMM Cooling Bedding Set. Dim the lights down, then light up a few scented candles or spray some linen fragrance for instant aromatherapy.

Start her skincare routine by cleansing with Wonder Bath Salon de Tte and toning with the Boosting Skin Gel of Charmzone Hibutan Collagen Skincare Set. Then, let her choose a face mask in the SEP Jeju Mask Pack set. Meanwhile, relieve her of muscle pain and tension with a whole-body massage using the WEDO Handy Massager. After 20 minutes, remove the mask and massage the remaining essence onto the skin. Apply Collagen Intense Cream and Age Control Night Eye Cream to top it all off.

Nothing beats getting pampered without the hefty price!

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Wonderbath Salon de Tte
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WEDO Handy Massager
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 All-Out Entertainment

To mothers, family matters most. To see their family happy and complete would be very touching to their hearts. And what better way to bring everyone together than having a fun and exciting bonding moment on her special day?

Gather everyone up! You can choose to have a marathon of all of mom’s favorite flicks with the Beast X Home Entertainment & Pocket PC, or a videoke battle of all her favorite tunes using the One Tap Speaker and Microphone Set (see who can belt notes higher than mom!)

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Out of town (or country!) trip

For the ultimate treat, how about taking her to a nice vacation for a change of scenery? You can opt to go to the beach, a nature trip, or simply book a hotel or resort for a few nights. Wherever you choose to go, make it immersive and memorable for her to fully enjoy the trip: try local food, explore both well-known destinations and less-discovered spots, and participate in various festivities.

Whether it’s domestic or international travel, how you go there is just as important as it is also a part of the experience. That’s why it counts to make the entire travel time as comfortable and as hassle-free as possible. During long-haul flights, help her rest easy while in transit with the Hoodie Pillow and Eye Mask of Wanderskye Flight Essentials bundle. She’ll step out feeling energized and ready to wander and enjoy!

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Happy Mother’s Day, O Shopper! Make every moment count, make every day Mother’s Day with O Shopping!

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